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July, 2004

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    C# Express: Using the Visual Basic MyServices Namespace

    Visual Basic programmers have been keeping something from us: My Classes. The My Classes are some jolly useful methods that wrap various .NET Frameworks code, and make it quick and easy to do some otherwise tedious stuff. However, rejoice, for we...
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    C# Express: Some sample projects

    If you are looking for some more samples to play with in C# Expess, I've written two projects that have just appeared on MSDN. Both consist of an article, and a project for you download and open right in your own copy of C# Express. Web Browser Express...
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    Collaborative Networking – Sharing Documents

    One subject that is currently interesting me is real-time sharing of documents over a network. Imagine being able to to work with someone on the same programming or writing project, even if you are thousands of miles apart. I regularly use Instant Messenger...
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    C# Express: Refactorwhating?

    If you haven’t seen Visual Studio Whidbey beta releases, you might not have heard of “refactoring”. Refactoring is cool, and once you see it, you’re going to use it a lot. Here’s a brief explanation. In the past, source...
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