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February, 2005

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    Teaching your grandma to suck eggs?

    Thanks for the responses on application types (see my last post ). I’m still collecting data, so feel free to keep emailing me. The more information I have, the better! Anyway, this week I spent a part of my time looking at the sorts of questions that...
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    The Mobile Developer

    Hi again. This is the my first blog entry after moving from the C# UE team, to the MED UA team – also known as the Mobile and Embedded Developer User Assistance team. My new role currently has me acting as an advocate for anyone developing for the Pocket...
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    My Little Pony and MSN Search

    I like Google, and I like it at lot. I've used it from before it became the standard for searching for stuff. As each new feature came along, I stuck right in and loved it even more. From doing unit conversions (you guys and your non-metric system) to...
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