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April, 2005

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    C# Express and the WebBrowser control

    I love the WebBrowser control - it makes it easy to create customized Web browsers in my C# applications (for example, adding tabs as in this article ). Recently I was trying to find a way to block the custom browser from opening up new pages in a separate...
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    The Perfect Gadget?

    I know this isn’t going to get me your pity, but I’ve been suffering recently. As I work in the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division, I’ve access to several rather cool gadgets that I need in order to write and test code, and use to impress members of...
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    Lights, Camera.. Making Developer Movies

    As Mike Hall points out on his blog , I’ve been working with a small team on putting together some short videos highlighting some issues that mobile developers should find interesting. The format of the video is footage of a real, live developer or expert...
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    Mobile Devices SDK Quick Poll

    Do you develop applications for Pocket PCs or Smartphones? If so, and you have five minutes, I would appreciate it if you check out the short (anonymous) poll we have running. Just click here and answer a few questions, and miraculously watch your mobile...
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