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January, 2006

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    Experimenting with Windows Mobile Topic Designs

    One of the big nuisances with Windows Mobile / Windows CE documentation is that it can be hard to tell which platform a given API supports. So, I'm trying to find a way to differentiate content that is definitely and without doubt supported on the Windows...
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    Instant Messenger Etiquette

    Every so often, the managers of the Mobile and Embedded Devices division go away on an off-site. This is a big mistake, as it means I feel compelled to do things like write the following: Instant Messenger Etiquette Instant Messaging has...
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    AYGShell.. wait.. I get it.. doh!

    I've been tinkering on Windows CE-based devices since.. um.. well, let's see, my first one was a Philips Velo 1 handheld PC, and I've owned at least one of each generation since then. However, it was only last Friday when I heard someone talking that...
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    My Article in Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine

    Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I was last in print. I used to make my living writing for magazines, and so it was very nice to have the chance to write for one again. The Feb/March issues of Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine (that's http...
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