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February, 2007

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    Windows Mobile SDK Documentation Navigation Experiment

    The good thing about bagels - in fact, one of the many good things about bagels, is that when I meet my friend Francis to share a few, we end up talking about lots of interesting stuff. We're both in the SDK documentation field, and so we end up talking...
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    Windows Mobile 6: Ajax and Windows Mobile 6

    Ajax – the design model that aims to give web pages the look, feel and usability of applications – is all the rage. Of course, experienced web designs will sigh and mention that Ajax-like techniques have been used for years before it became known as ...
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    Windows Mobile 6: What's New for the ISV?

    By now, you're read about the new features in Windows Mobile 6, including improvements to security and HTML email and so on - all great stuff that's definitely going to make Windows Mobile devices the premier platform for accessing your work stuff (and...
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    Windows Mobile 6: What they're saying on the internets.

    I'm still not allowed to say much about Windows Mobile 6 until next week, other than it exists, it's cool, it does nice things to your email and it's more secure. I can probably get away with listing some links to what's happening on the cyberspace tubes...
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    Windows Mobile 6

    Well, it's official - we've all been working on Windows Mobile 6, and now we're allowed to talk about it. As you can imagine, this is something that's been really hard not to blog about, because I've been working on it - with the rest of the division...
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