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May, 2007

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    Windows Mobile 6: Getting Started

    I'm currently worried about the rather unapproachable nature of our Windows Mobile documentation. At times it seems to be like a smooth sphere, with no entry points. Once you get inside, and know what's going on, you can muddle through OK. But how can...
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    Windows Mobile: Quick Survey

    Got five minutes to spare? Enjoy answering questions? Sure you do! Why not take the Windows Mobile Documentation survey? Sorry, no bribes or prizes, but if you use the Windows Mobile or Windows CE docs, we would love to hear from you: https://live...
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    Windows Mobile 6: New Content for MEDC Part 2

    It's been an exciting day here (that is, "exciting" in nerdy technical writing terms) as we've finally published our Windows Mobile 6 SDK documentation set onto MSDN, and so to the world at large. It's actually still propagating to the MSDN site - there...
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    Windows Mobile 6: New Content for MEDC Part 1

    Finally, now that MEDC is under way, we're starting to roll out our new content for Windows Mobile 6. The very latest Windows Mobile 6 SDKs are available here to download . You should definitely give them a try! All you need is Visual Studio 2005...
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