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  • Blog Post: Can I be honest here for a moment?

    Someone suggested in a comment to a previous posting that I write about the current state of the industry, and as I’m leaving the company, I might as well be completely honest. That would be a great idea, but remember that I only have the viewpoint of a foot soldier rather than a general, and so I’m...
  • Blog Post: How can I make you love me?!

    Last month was my last full month at Microsoft, which means it was also the last full month in which I had a chance of getting more hits on my blog than my manager. I didn't manage it! Despite the fact that he didn't have a single new post, he still beat me by a comfortable margin. That's the benefit...
  • Blog Post: Time to move on

    Next week will be my last at Microsoft. It’s just shy of eight years ago, that I came to the US from Northern Ireland, to work as a Programmer/Writer for the Visual C++ team. I worked on the ATL and MFC documentation, and to be honest – and this is something that is probably apparent if you read the...
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