The first day on the booth went pretty well. We've got a huge stand at SpeechTEK - which is even more striking when you consider that we haven't really had a significant presence at previous shows. Some of the attendees who I spoke to are clearly excited about us, others recognize that Microsoft making a big move into the speech market is something to monitor and stay in touch with - whilst others are more suspicious, which is understandable. Whatever people think of us, the stand has been extremely busy.

Demos have been going smoothly - showing just how easy it is to put databases of pre-recorded prompts together with the SDK really seems to blow some people away. I suspect many of them are used to working with .wav files, having to find ways to make sure everything is recorded, and concoct clever solutions to concatanate them together and make sure they are played at the right time.

Time now to put the finishing touches to my slides and demo for tomorrow.