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Using diagnostic tools to tune and debug Windows software

December, 2006

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My name is John Lyon-Smith and I am a software developer on the Visual Studio Diagnostics Team at Microsoft, part of VS for Team Developers SKU, or TeamDev for short.

My team is responsible for the Visual Studio debugger, the performance profiler and the coverage instrumentation tools.

This blog is about using diagnostic tools to tune and debug Windows software.

Why is my blog called Director of Random Technologies?  Well, it's because I like "shiney things". 

I have two other blogs.  code-o-rama a programming blog where I post articles on Windows and .NET programming.  Keep Taking the Happy Pills is a blog that is oriented at family & friends.

  • Director of Random Technologies

    Renamed my blog

    Merry Christmas, etc., etc.. Hope you are all enjoying your XBOX 360's. New year, new blog name. I'm renaming by blog and refocusing it for 2007. Recently we decided to give everyone on the Visual Studio Diagnostics team a Director's title (minus the...
  • Director of Random Technologies

    Microsoft Points

    We were having a discussion today about Microsoft Points and that it would be useful to be able to transfer them to others as payment for, oh I don't know let's say, um, gambling debts. Hey, that would be just like real money! Couldn't find anything about...
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