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May, 2006

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About John L. Miller's web log

I'm a software architect with Microsoft Research in Cambridge, working on a small incubation team.

This blog discusses topics related to my work (such as writing network services, image processing applications, and games), as well as my research in computer gaming and distributed virtual environments.

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  • John L. Miller's Blog: Networking and more

    Using SCHANNEL and TLS

    A few areas of computer science are especially intimidating. The two worst for my money are networking and security. Networking because it involves LAL of TLA's, and security because, well, it's security. Just because these areas are intimidating doesn...
  • John L. Miller's Blog: Networking and more

    Halo3 Announced!

    Halo-3 has been announced! I was a rabid Halo-2 fan for ages, playing around 2,000 matches online, so this is welcome news. Halo-2 had a lot of great features. The offline game was great and looked very nice. It had very good balance for online matches...
  • John L. Miller's Blog: Networking and more

    Games for a living?

    I've done games-related development off and on for the last twenty years. In 1985 I quit my job and worked four months trying (unsuccessfully) to make a game for the Apple II, "NinjaQuest". In the early 90's I made a Windows SDK sample of a multiplayer...
  • John L. Miller's Blog: Networking and more

    Does SCRUM work?

    I work on a small incubation team in Microsoft Research, Cambridge. Our projects vary widely. The smallest is about 6 man-months of work. The largest so far is about 3 man-years of work. I'm used to the traditional Microsoft development process from...
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