I saw a press release today for a new Hitachi 1 Terabyte drive, supposed to be available for $400. Oddly, this is something I've wanted for a long time, and was planning on buying an external RAID array to achieve. It's not that I need the space, or that I'll do anything productive with it. It just sounds nice to say.

 "Ooo, I wonder how much disk space I have left on my terabyte drive?"

I'm sure eventually I'll come up with a way to fill it. Maybe I'll make a new copy of every picture I take every time I look at it? Write an editor that saves a new full copy of the file for each keystroke?  Or perhaps use it in my mediacenter PC to give me 500 hours of video storage. Now THAT sounds worthwhile.

Whatever the case, I'll buy one when it becomes available on the street, and revel in the memory of my first 10 MB hard drive in 1985, 100,000 times less storage than this much smaller, much quieter drive I will be able to hold in the palm of my hand.