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  • Blog Post: Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution and download speeds

    When I talk to people about P2P content distribution, there's a common misperception. They assume that the more people there are downloading that file, the faster download goes. This isn't usually true, as I'll explain below. What is true is that a peer-to-peer system in which servers participate should...
  • Blog Post: MSCD links to download Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2

    If you're interested in using Microsoft Secure Content Distribution to download Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, just click here , install and run the downloader, and you'll be off and running! This version of MSCD will be available for four weeks, so you have until 22-August to give it a try!
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Secure Content Distribution

    A few years ago, Pablo Rodriguez and Christos Gkantsidis applied Network Coding to Peer-to-Peer file swarming, calling their system 'Avalanche' . I was lucky enough to be involved in their project. Over time, Cambridge Incubation at Microsoft Research Cambridge built a content distribution system around...
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