I was born and brought up in Boston. Consequently, I was born and brought up on Dunkin' Donuts and Dunkin' Donuts coffee. It's hard to express the joy of DD's coffee if you haven't had it. There's just something about it that's really good. Tasty. I mean, I like Tully's. I like Pete's. I like Torrefazione Italia. I even like Starbucks. OK, I guess I just like coffee. But there's something special about Dunkin' Donuts. I order five-pound bags from www.dunkindonuts.com about once a month. I brew it at home. I brew it at work.

More than that, I have a favorite beer: Mac and Jack's African Amber. It's brewed in Redmond and you can only get it on tap. It's unfiltered, kind of sweet, and eminently drinkable. I like other beers, too. But I really like Mac and Jack's. I named my cats Mac and Jack.

Aside from water, I could live on Dunkin' Donuts coffee and Mac and Jack's African Amber.

I think I have a beverage problem.