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January, 2005

  • A View from Elsewhere

    Interviewing at Microsoft

    Each year I interview upwards of 200 people for various positions at Microsoft. Joel on Software recently posted an article on how everyone thinks they're hiring the top 1%. Leaving aside the the tech interview questions , Chris Anderson (Avalon architect...
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    Headlines that Just Seem Wrong

    " Children to be offered free nicotine patches ." Set aside the context and join me in a moment of irony.
  • A View from Elsewhere

    What if I Blogged About the Press?

    Every day members of the press get to write about their interactions with Microsoft -- often interactions with me. What would happen if I blogged about my interactions with them? Hmmm.
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    The 18-inch Roller and the Shur-Line Edger

    I was watching one of those home improvement shows the other day and noticed that one of the painters was using an 18" roller. I noticed another using an edger that had wheels on the side to keep it a set distance from the trim. Historically I've eschewed...
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    Beer is a Good Thing

    Normally I'm a wine snob (see " Sideways "). About a week ago, I got to be a beer snob. You see, my dad's birthday is coming up and, at 84, he has everything he wants, so comestables and potables are the order of the day. So I went to the local beer store...
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    The Errors of My Ways: Mistakes I've Made Recently

    I realized that my HVLP sprayer required 40 psi, not 90 psi. That made painting much less painful. I remembered to sand between coats. 400 grit. I tried to fix my Miata's roof myself. Just don't. I tried clipping nose hair with kitchen shears. Ouch. I...
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