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May, 2006

  • A View from Elsewhere

    Who's the Customer?

    Who is the target user for our non-professional tools? In order to make smarter decisions about what we build, we need to understand that the customer we’re building this product for doesn’t fit a single profile. Off the top of my head, I can think of...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    Forming Concrete

    Yesterday, in preparation for the start of a big remodeling project, my wife and I began to create the new tops for the posts on our front porch. During construction, the existing tops, which measure 30 x 30 x 4 and are concrete, will be destroyed so...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    Principles for First-Use Tools

    Even as we’re working out the potential features for the next version of Visual Studio Express, we’re looking beyond that. Express has done an amazing job (5M downloads!) of getting development tools into the hands of many people. The feedback we’ve gotten...
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