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September, 2006

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    The New Coffee

    As part of Microsoft's efforts to make its employees happier, healthier, and generally more productive, Microsoft is in a lengthy process of replacing the old-style coffee machines (large, rapid-production drip coffee makers) with new Starbucks machines...
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    (In)Side Business Opportunity: Modding Microsoftie's Offices?

    I've joked about this for a while, but I'm starting to believe there is a business opportunity making office modifications to Microsoft employees -- particularly modifications that are within the Real Estate and Facilities guidelines. For example, if...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    Coffee House Rock

    The idea of sitting in a coffee house writing up some of the strategy and tactics documents that I'm so very behind on at first seemed very appealing to me. I figured I'd settle in to my favorite coffee house ( Chocolati in Wallingford ), order up a big...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    Rail Resurgance Thanks to Wi-Fi?

    Today, Glenn Fleishman posts about the broad coverage of Wi-Fi on trains and speculates, Let’s see—drive by myself, get no work done, burn gas by the ton that costs a fortune, or, an inexpensive and comfortable trip with Internet access the whole way...
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