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February, 2008

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    Applying The "Ken Burns" Effect to Your Photos

    One of the things that Popfly does well is take photos from one place (e.g. Flickr , Live Image Search , Facebook , Live Spaces ) and display them in another (e.g. your blog) in pretty ways. Tim on our team created a really nice block called "MovingSlideShow...
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    Popfly Nominated for CNET Webware 100

    Today Popfly was nominated for a Webware 100 award . As you can see on the Popfly team blog, this means we need people to help us by voting for Popfly . So please vote for Popfly . Just like regular elections, you can vote up to three times . (Yes, that...
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    What Happened at the Beginning of 2006?

    I got hooked on plugging sites into Alexa a couple of nights ago, and started to see some patterns. Mostly, I saw that a lot of large-volume sites saw their peak at the beginning of 2006 and have been tapering off since, but a few others have grown ridiculously...
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