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  • Blog Post: Art

    One of my friends, and a former teammate, is Aaron Brethorst . For the longest time I thought of him as the amusing guy from VScore who attended shiproom. It was only later that I realized he was an accomplished photographer . The photograph below is of the Smith Tower in Seattle, one of my wife's favorite...
  • Blog Post: "To Truly Understand What It Is to Be an American You Must Eat Wonder Bread"

    Earlier this week, two engineers from Microsoft in Germany (Sebastien Peray and Marcel Tilly) joined the Popfly team to work on adding a feature to Popfly. They invented a clever way to substitute one Popfly block for another a few months ago and were able to come out to Redmond to integrate the code...
  • Blog Post: Screencasting the Hard Way

    With today's update to Popfly , comes a new Popfly screencast. Or kind of a screencast. It turns out that when you leave a development team alone for a few days, they do strange and wonderful things. Like stage a live-action screencast that uses humans dressed up as Popfly blocks to demo how to build...
  • Blog Post: 2008 Predictions

    I predict that 2008 will have between 300 and 400 days. Most if not all will end in the letter "y." Similarly, here in Seattle most if not all will involve some form of precipitation. I predict that the US will have an election this year. A democrat will win. Or a republican. In any event, the press...
  • Blog Post: We Bought a Pig

    Yesterday, at the Pigs on Parade auction we purchased a pig. If you've spent any time around downtown Seattle you've probably seen one of these illustrious beasts hanging around looking porcine. If you haven't spent any time around downtown Seattle, suffice it to say that the they are large (4-foot x...
  • Blog Post: Office Hijinks

    You go away for a week and you get pwned. Office Hijinks Technorati Tags: office hijinks
  • Blog Post: Coding Best Practice

    Courtesy Smalltalk Tidbits : Technorati Tags: humor , coding
  • Blog Post: What "Vacation" Means During a Remodel

    I took this week off from work. Or I should say, I took this week off from going to the office. So far, in addition to doing quite a bit of email (that's the right verb, isn't it -- one "does" email?) and attending one teleconference (during which I invoked Bruce Willis and The Fifth Element ), I have...
  • Blog Post: Maker Faire and Popfly Results

    Well, we saw a lot of people at Maker Faire, but the biggest thing we did was the ducks. Sure we gave a lot of demos, but for every demo we gave we had four kids painting ducks. Here are some of the ducks that the kids painted, Popfly-style.
  • Blog Post: Popfly Humor

    Drew Bollman has posted his mashup wish list . He had me at #1.
  • Blog Post: Maker Faire: Meet the Popfly Team

    Tonight a lot of my team and I head down to San Mateo, CA for O'Reilly's Maker Faire . I've never been and am pretty excited to see what people are up to -- things like the Fab@Home look neat. We'll be in the Microsoft Coding4Fun booth giving demos of Popfly and painting rubber ducks .
  • Blog Post: Probably Old News to Everyone Else

    Suddenly, antitrust law all makes sense.
  • Blog Post: Are You a Dinosaur?

    Dinosaur . I love these guys.
  • Blog Post: New Encryption Technique Discovered

    MARCH 06, 2007, REDMOND -- Microsoft today announced the creation of a new super-secure encryption technique, doubling previous techniques. Dubbed "ROT-26," the new technique applies a complex mathematical algorithm recently created in Microsoft Research. The previous technique ( ROT-13 ) was only capable...
  • Blog Post: News: Terrier Alert Raised!

    Please maintain your awareness of cute dog photos and (mostly) happy endings.
  • Blog Post: Music and Lyrics

    My wife and I went to Music and Lyrics this evening. Lighthearted romantic comedy with some cute pop tunes. Not going to make you think deeply, but it'll distract you for a couple of hours.
  • Blog Post: Bold Predictions

    Peter O'Kelly boldly predicts there will be fewer bold predictions from analysts in the future. This reminded me of a BYTE article I was working on a decade ago. It was an update on Windows NT, I think. In any event, I re-read the original BYTE article and it included an analyst firm's prediction about...
  • Blog Post: Programmers and Coke: What Happens if You Drink a Coke Right Now

    I stopped drinking Coke a long time ago, preferring to abuse my system with high levels of coffee instead, but this analysis of what happens when you drink a Coke is fasincating.
  • Blog Post: At What Point Did I Become a Mister?

    The mail from one of my team's recruiters today said that Mr. John Montgomery would be doing the "as appropriate" interview -- the final interview of the day. Mr. John Montgomery. I realize I've been here eight+ years and that I'm not really young any more, what with the bad back, thinning hair, and...
  • Blog Post: The New Coffee, One Month Later

    I've now spent over a month dabbling in the new office coffee, produced by the local Starbucks machines. I have to say, it works -- it's OK stuff. I still prefer the brew that comes out of my own coffee pot, but relative to the old stuff, this is pretty good. What I don't understand is why some floors...
  • Blog Post: (In)Side Business Opportunity: Modding Microsoftie's Offices?

    I've joked about this for a while, but I'm starting to believe there is a business opportunity making office modifications to Microsoft employees -- particularly modifications that are within the Real Estate and Facilities guidelines. For example, if you don't like the color of your office, we can change...
  • Blog Post: MP4 Player Review

    Gizmodo.com is often funny, but this review of an MP4 player is hysterical. As the first commenter on the site writes, I laughed so hard...
  • Blog Post: Amusing Advertisement

    I’m not encouraging you to switch jobs, but this made me laugh.
  • Blog Post: Top 11 Video Games You Don’t Want Your Kids To Play

    Check out Number 10 . Another bbSpot special.
  • Blog Post: Dumb Idea Nipped in the Bud: Film at 11

    Have you ever sat down and thought up some brilliant thing, then realized, “Why bother?” Today during an interview, a candidate related a question he was asked about how he’d implement a particular feature. To me, the feature (it’s not important what the feature was) sounded cool – just the kind of thing...
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