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  • Blog Post: Chocolate. Mmmm. Chocolate.

    About a month ago my wife and I attended the Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon . With a name like that, I had no idea what to expect. When we showed up we paid our $20 admission (<cough>) and walked in. When we arrived, it looked like a miniature version of every computer trade show I've ever been...
  • Blog Post: My Oven is On Fire

    I don't mean this metaphorically, nor do I mean that the food in the oven is on fire. I mean, "The oven is on fire." As in, the wires in the controller switch overheated, the insulation melted, they arced, and the insulation caught fire. Had I not been standing right there when it happened, I would never...
  • Blog Post: A Note on Knives

    Earlier this week someone asked me about which knife to buy. I launched into an exegesis that would have amazed, then bored, even Alton Brown . He said I should write it down, so I am. At a book reading, I once asked Anthony Bourdain what one kitchen gadget he couldn't live without. When I said, "gadget...
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