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  • Blog Post: Diminishing Returns

    I read " Product Management is Politics " with some interest. James's post covers several areas that are perpetual (frustrating) truisms of product development, including the time-quality-features-people (pick two) dilemma. It got me to thinking about my own experience and perceptions. The natural behavior...
  • Blog Post: Can Marketing Learn from Development Teams?

    About two years ago I decided to move from product marketing to a development team to ship something (at the time I was a bit vague on what exactly I'd be shipping, but it eventually clarified to become Popfly ). Crossing over opened my eyes to some cultural differences and misunderstandings that marketing...
  • Blog Post: VS 2008 Beta 2 Express Editions

    Available now along with the Coding4Fun Developer Kit . We've upgraded the Popfly team to using VSTS 2008 beta 2 as well. Technorati Tags: Visual Studio , Express
  • Blog Post: PM-Dev Ratios

    Last Saturday, Dare posted an entry about PM/Dev ratios that I commented on twice. It's unusual for me to comment on someone else's blog, but ever since a Slashdot article on Popfly's PM/Dev ratio I've been thinking about why people are giving us grief about this. In the abstract, I reflected, a rule...
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