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October, 2006

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I joined Microsoft in June 2006 as a Platform Strategy Advisor.  I approach the intersection of business and technology as a business person first, and a technologist second.  This blog is a place to share my passion for how technology can enable business and IT strategy, and how businesses can use technology to enable people to achieve the results that really matter in their lives. 

In years past, I've held a variety of strategic technical and business roles at Ford Motor Company.  Prior to joining Ford in 2000, I was a public sector consultant focused on preventing the type of election debacle that later happened in Florida in 2000.    Before that, I served as Director of Elections for Douglas County, Washington, USA, where we conducted the first all mail-in ballot federal election in the United States. 

Beyond strategy and technology in general, other related passions include systems thinking, continuous learning, global business, and innovation. 


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    Computers and cars... what's not to like?

    Just wrapped up 3 days of a great SAE Convergence 2006 conference at COBO Hall in downtown Detroit. This is the world's premier conference about the convergence of computing and automotive engineering. Believe it or not, the conference has been going...
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    From Convergence - Signs of Life

    [Note to readers: This post is a flashback, but I believe the business dynamics it explores in the automotive computing space are still relevant. This was written as my first post back in October 2006, but never published. I'm publishing it now, and I...
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