I have been asked to provide some prescriptive guidance on how to get up to speed on the latest technology introduced at Mix.  I thought I would post this information in my blog to spread the word (I am an evangelist after all)

1)      Install Silverlight version 1.1.

2)      Install Orcas Beta 1.  This is strictly not necessary for all the technology but is a great place to get started using LINQ and new WCF features.  The read me suggests that you have to repair VS 2005 so ensure that you do that afterwards.  FYI the two have been coexisting on a couple of my machines for a couple of weeks now and I have not noticed any problems.

3)       Install the orcas Alpha tools.  This will give you the templates for Silverlight projects.

4)      Install the ASP.Net Futures.  This will give you some cool Silverlight AJAX controls.

5)      Install Expression Media Encoder.  Note the 180 license key (YVJ79-XQ8CM-8YKWF-GKRKH-83X8G).  This tool is great for encoding your video to web compatible standards.  Note the template option that gives you out of the box Silverlight controls.  This is a great place to start to learn the platform and has all the pieces you need to upload into the Silverlight streaming environment.

6)      Install Blend 2.  This integrates well with Orcas.  I would also install the Blend 1 version as well.  They seem to coexist with no problems. Note the 180 day trial key for Blend 2 J9RVG-FJM6D-2Q9HC-296MR-PHC2M.

7)      Install Expression Design.  Now you can cut and paste XAML Designs into your projects.

8)      Install Expression Media.  Now the option of selecting a group of assets and creating a website with no code.

9)      Install Expression Web

Now you are ready to start coding awesome RIA Apps.  Let me know about your experiences and if you want maybe we can profile them at some of our events.