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October, 2007

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    New Silverlight Application Debut's

    Just released, the latest in silverlight applications has been deployed on MediaCorp's Web Site. This site takes advantage of Rich Application technology through its use of MS AJAX Extensions and the Silverlight plugin.
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    Min Mix Concludes!

    We just finished another session of our Mini-Mix Program. Here are the resources from Day One , Day Two , and Day Three .
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    Tech Talk Presentation

    Hi, Sorry for being a little late about posting this. Here are my slides and demo code from the recent Tech Talk event at Microsoft. The final demo was largely based off of some work a colleague of mine did on the topic. You can find his Blog here and...
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    To stream or not to stream?

    I am really behind my blog posts this week and need to post my slides and code from both the recent Tech Talk we had at Microsoft and the Mini Mix event currently underway. Before I do that however I want to say a few words about streaming video and integrating...
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