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  • Blog Post: New Silverlight Application Debut's

    Just released, the latest in silverlight applications has been deployed on MediaCorp's Web Site. This site takes advantage of Rich Application technology through its use of MS AJAX Extensions and the Silverlight plugin.
  • Blog Post: WS 2008 is Out of Beta with WMS and IIS7 Media Pack!

    Well we have entered into the final stages of the development of out next platform for web solutions. Along with the server itself however a couple of add-ons have also been released. The first is Windows Media Services which provides the capability to stream video on demand. The second is the IIS7 Media...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 1.0 Released!

    Scott Guthrie has just announced on his blog the release of Silverlight 1.0 and support for Linux. Expression Media Encoder has also been released. John
  • Blog Post: Free Internet Hosting

    For those interested in experimenting with IIs7, take advantage of these free hosting offers available with Microsoft partners.
  • Blog Post: Web Analytics and Live ID

    Microsoft has recently announced two new free services that can greatly enhance your web site: Windows Live ID and Gatineau . Windows Live ID provides the ability to leverage the Live platform to provide authentication services to your web site to enable personalization and profiling. More details...
  • Blog Post: VS 2008 Beta 2 Released!

    Check it out. The latest in our developer Tools.
  • Blog Post: Popfly Alpha Launch

    Since I joined MS last year, I have been amazed at the range of new services and technologies that are being released. The latest that I have discovered in a new platform for non programers to develop Web 2.0 Mashups. Previously known as "Springfield", it is now being branded under the name Popfly (...
  • Blog Post: Virtual Mix

    Mix sessions are now on line for viewing Check it out!For more exciting news from MIX07, including on-site interviews and videos featuring partner demos, be sure to check out
  • Blog Post: Developer and Designer News for March

    Hello All, I just thought I would summarize some of the recent things we have for developers and designers. Events Steve Ballmer is coming TO SINGAPORE May 21,22,23. Stay tuned for more details. ReMix June 28, 29 The Singapore Event for Designers and Developers March 29 th our Regular...
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