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  • Blog Post: New Silverlight Application Debut's

    Just released, the latest in silverlight applications has been deployed on MediaCorp's Web Site. This site takes advantage of Rich Application technology through its use of MS AJAX Extensions and the Silverlight plugin.
  • Blog Post: WS 2008 is Out of Beta with WMS and IIS7 Media Pack!

    Well we have entered into the final stages of the development of out next platform for web solutions. Along with the server itself however a couple of add-ons have also been released. The first is Windows Media Services which provides the capability to stream video on demand. The second is the IIS7 Media...
  • Blog Post: Tech Ed Presentation on Silverlight 1.1

    Hi, I recently gave a presentation at our Tech Ed in Kuala Lumpur and was asked if I could do a web cast of it. I am struggling a bit with the resolution right now but here is the first draft. I have also published the video and the source code for download.
  • Blog Post: Surviving the Silverlight RC Release

    If you are like me, the recent release of the 1.0 RC version of Silverlight has been a mixed bag. Clearly the new version has a wealth of new features that make it event better but at the same time these improvements have also broken existing implementations. Here are some tips to resurrecting your demos...
  • Blog Post: VS 2008 Beta 2 Released!

    Check it out. The latest in our developer Tools.
  • Blog Post: Building Silverlight Apps

    In a previous post I documented the steps to install the latest in tools and technologies to support development of Silverlight Applications. One comment I received was that it seemed like allot to do to just start developing Silverlight Applications. This may have mislead other people and so I will...
  • Blog Post: Video of the Top Banana Application

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