I figured I would get the truth about my demographic out there right from the start. Actually, this is not my first blog. I started my blog www.officezealot.com last year, and I thank Chris Kunicki for getting me going. He's amazing. Get to know him a little by checking out his site.

Anyway, I'll cut the preamble here and continue my litany I started there. My latest jag is about Instant Messaging. I am in love with the TabletPC, and using ink to do IM is simply the best way to go. True, I can type much faster than I can write, but a picture is worth a thousand words. I can write a few words with my Tablet pen and sketch a little image, and I can communicate what would take a long, boring email, message (or blog!).

Once I fall in love with a feature, I start thinking about the code I will write behind the scenes...no wonder I was up at 4am today.