Blogging has made the Web relevant for me again. I have to be honest: the Internet has become a bit of a bore to me. I was becoming increasingly persuaded that if I am not interested in a new mortgage, body-enhancing snake oil, reading gossip, hate-mongering disguised as political discourse, or other extravagances, then there was not much left for me out there. Blogging, news-aggregating, and other cool things have breathes a little fresh air into a polluted space.

I dig NewsGator for collecting news, but BlogJet is actually more usable as an authoring tool. It has some weaknesses (not allowing multiple category selection, better account management, ftp testing and management, and some other extended blog tools). But, I it is pretty simple and straight-forward.

What is so fun is that new tools are popping up all of the time. I just love discovering new ones. So, here's my question: What are the coolest utilities (blog-related or otherwise) you have found? What are the coolest Office utilities you have found lately? Let's start a list.

Rock on.