I am not sure how I missed this, but CambridgeDocs, makers of a product for aggregating content and managing its publication through a variety of channels, released a WordML/XSL-FO converter that makes Word 2003 documents more easily consumable for their system (see http://www.cambridgedocs.com/pr_06_22_2004.htm for more info). I thought this quote from their press release was key:

"The popularity of both the PDF format for distribution of content and Microsoft' s new WordML format for storage and editing of content has made integration between the two formats a necessity for management of enterprise content," continued Virk (Irfan Virk= President of the company).

Word 2003's new XML file format makes it possible for more and more systems to easily work with this world-class word desktop productivity application. Some people have asked me if I think that such integration is a threat to applicaitons like Word. I think not. It increases its value because it works with so many more things. It's reach and influence only broadens and deepens. It's a good thing. CambridgeDocs is not the only company moving on the XSL-FO/WordML connection. As Oleg blogged back in May, RenderX has rolloed out an XSL-FO formatter for .NET. They did an official PR on July 7th.

Now, if we could just get CambridgeDocs to give InfoPath a try!

 Rock thought for the day: Remember that great song by Soundgarden: "Rusty Cage". Great, great stuff. Also, I heard Alice in Chains this morning: "Would" with its thundering bass riff. Too bad about Layne Stayley really. I wish he were still around to give up some great music.

Rock on.