I stumbled on this little nugget about our responding to the demand for the Welsh language in Office.

Microsoft deal puts Welsh in reach worldwide

It reminded me of when I was doing my first Masters degree and I bought a book of Welsh-language poetry which I still have. Also, if you have ever heard Welsh spoken, it is really beautiful.

Anyway, it also reminded me of how much the people here care about things like this. I can guarantee that this Welsh-language update to XP happened because there was a customer (or more) who cared, and there was someone at Microsoft who picked up the task and pushed it through. Localizing in a language is non-trivial, and it requires people who really believe in the effort to get it done. It's one of the things I like about working here.

 Rock thought for the day: I love the song by cool band, Bush, "Comedown". Great tune.

Rock on.