We just published more(!) content for InfoPath. It just keeps coming, mainly because the interest is strong. Here are headlines from our main page as of a half-hour ago. A couple of these are re-issues. For example, we published 16 labs for InfoPath (but there was no lab 11), so we have now added a lab 11. Please do not ask me how this happened. I must learn to forget.

 InfoPath 2003 SDK Updated for SP1
The InfoPath 2003 SDK has been updated for InfoPath 2003 SP1, and is now available as a single download that features sample forms, tools, and documentation for the InfoPath developer.    (August 13, Download)

 Support and Troubleshooting for XML Schemas in InfoPath 2003
Learn how to take advantage of InfoPath support for using externally authored XSD files to create custom form templates, and find out how to troubleshoot common problems.    (August 13, Article)

 InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET
Download this free toolkit designed for .NET developers who want to encode custom business logic and rules in their InfoPath applications using managed code languages.    (August 13, Download)

 InfoPath 2003 SP1 Training: Hands-on Exercises
Check out the 16 training labs in this series and learn everything from editing a form and working with form data to writing script that automatically opens, updates, and saves forms without user interaction.    (August 13, Article with Code Sample)

 Office Solution Accelerator for Sarbanes-Oxley
Download this free solution accelerator and help your company efficiently manage the extensive work required to comply with sections 302 and 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.    (August 13, Download)

 Rock thought for the day: If you have not listened to Elvis' "Heartbreak Hotel" in a while, I suggested a re-listen. It is no wonder that this song inspired countless people strive for stardom. This guy takes a rather corny song (think about it- 'heartbreak hotel?') and sings so convincingly with such present vocals. It's so unadorned, so real that you can hear the dust on the floor of the recording studio as he and the band do single takes in a small room.

BTW: "Learn to forget" comes from which famous Jim Morrison song? It's a quiz.

Rock on