I caught this response by WSS deity Mike Walsh (see the microsoft.public.sharepoint.windowsservices ng)  to the question of how to sort items in the Quick Launch toolbar of a SharePoint site:

No. It's not possible using the web interface. You'll find that FP 2003 is
almost an essential tool for amending and enhancing WSS sites. This is just
one example - tying in data from other databases using FP 2003's Data View
being another.

Mike Walsh, Helsinki, Finland
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It's quite true. You know, I have been what I consider a serious Web developer (blah), and have rolled many thousands of lines of code for the Web, but I did not really use FrontPage. With SharePoint, however, it just simplifies so many things. It's a very mature program, and it is finding a place in my arsenal now.

 Rock Thought for the day: Rolling Stones Beast of Burden was playing while I authored this blog post. It's one of their top three songs, IMNSHO.

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