Very shortly, we will publish the Research Services Development Extras (RSDE) on our MSDN Office Developer Center ( I wanted to give you a heads-up on what's involved. If you have written your Research Service for Office 2003, you have noticed that there is a fair amount of XML work that could be encapsulated so as to eliminate busy work. In your Web service that communicates with Office, you need to volley back and forth with Office in XML streams that conform to the Research Service schemas. This work can get repetitive because it is predictable and straight-forward, and that makes it a good candidate for a wrapper. This wrapper is done, and it is in the RSDE download. We have also included a very cool trace utility that lets you intercept the XML converstation going on between Office and your Web service. Here's a screen shot of a capture I just did:

This lets you inspect and troubleshoot the communication going on between the two parties in the Research Service relationship. If you are new to Research Services in Office, may I recommend:

Overview (end-user)

Overview (training)

Research Services Development on MSDN

Research Services SDK

The Definitive Hello World Research Services Tutorial

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