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November, 2004

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This blog is the main "pulpit" for Microsoft's Office Developer technologies-- although the opinions and views expressed are the author's own. John frequently writes about technical details, tools, and features that developers care about when building productivity solutions. He also adds the very popular "Rock Thought of the Day" to each post.

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    WordProcessingML, XML, and Lists

    Looking at the XML format for Word documents, I have been focusing on lists and how they are articulated. In great measure, things are pretty easy to grasp by looking at the XML. Here's the low-down: Lists are defined in the XML as a type of template...
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    NotifyIcon and My Manager

    Last week, my manager sent me a mail expressing his annoyance that sometimes his laptop (which has a dent in the cover, I might add) does not retain his KeyboardDelay setting. Basically, it's that setting in Control Panel | Keyboard that lets you specify...
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    Microsoft Word 2003: WordProcessingML Transform Inference Tool

    OK- things are getting really exciting in the Word development universe. I am really happy to announce that we have published the WordProcessingML Transform Inference Tool . What good is it? Let me give you a scenario. Say you have a bunch of XML files...
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    Microsoft Office Word 2003 SDK

    Developers that target Microsoft Word are a different breed in some ways. I think they are especially patient, and they are traditionally under appreciated. I have seen so many amazing things done with Word development, and the powerful XML support in...
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