As you know, I call a legacy system "One that works". That said, I am certainly not against upgrading or even tabula rasa software development either. In fact, making incremental and somewhat  more dramatic improvements to a legacy system is often the best course to follow.

Office 2003 is simply the most exciting release we have done since Office 97. But, what are the migration issues, especially from Office 2000 (a huge install base)? What features were deprecated? What is new or enhanced? I want an EXHAUSTIVE LIST, not just some quick marketing blurbs.

So, we have such a document: Microsoft Office 2000 to Microsoft Office 2003 Migration Issues, while too densely written in my opinion (I would re-engineer this document in a very different way), at least has all of the key data points (it's 80+ pages). It has tables and tables of feature lists, what's in, what's out, what's new, what's ehanced. It also has a comprehensive list of KBs you will want to have handy. It's a doc worth keeping close at hand.

 Rock Thought for the Day: Quadrophenia. One of the best albums of the 70's and remastered in the 90's. Roger Daltry gives consistently soulful vocals to these memorable, meaningful songs. I have rich memories of listening to this in high school, connecting to something somewhere when I was sure I was otherwise profoundly alone.

Rock On