Well, today marks my first day on the job in the Visual Studio Tools for Office tools team. I actually only have 24 emails in my inbox right now (should last for about 30 or 40 minutes).

My old group and team gave me a huge send-off, and it was very, very nice. I was torn about leaving the Office division and people I have grown to appreciate so much, but the allure of the tools for managed Office solutions code was too great. You can read my comments about the change on the main Office Developer Center.

I'll still be the voice of Office programmability as I have always been, and my blog will not be just about VSTO now. I'll keep blogging tons about WordProcessingML, Excel, SharePoint, and more. My blog will also be viewable on the dev center in some fashion or other, but my photo is either moving or coming down- I'm not sure yet. BTW: I am wearing my black hat today.

I found out this weekend that Jon Heder (Napoleon from Napoleon Dynamite) has joined the cast of a comedy set for release next years: Benchwarmers. I hope he is not type-cast. I like David Spade more than Rob Schneider (other cast members). It would be infinitely better with Chris Farley- no matter what it's about!

 Rock Thought for the Day: Here's an album that is a must-have: Candy-O by the cars. I listened to it so many times in jr. high and high school that the needle nearly went throught he vinyl. The music was definitely pop- but not for its own sake. Each song was instantly pleasing, and the melodies loaded with hook. The Cars mastered a sensible blend of rock, glam, pop, melody, and the "let's quit worrying so much and have a little fun" spirit that helped carry us out of the doldrums of the last half of the 70's in the US.

Rock On