I have been doing a number of searches this morning on MSN Search, Google, and other engines just to get an anecdotal read on search results for Office programmability topics. I looked for things like certain types of add-ins and other subjects. What struck me (again, nothing empirical here...yet) is that search results often had links to content about managed code for Office as a goodly share of the highest ranked returns.

The fact is that writing managed code for Office is not just a fad. But, let's be clear: most Office solutions out there are still in VBA or written with VB 5/6. The fact that search results for managed code issues are hot is because people are reaching, trying to figure out how to get it done. Ten years from now, what will be the new direction, the new search results? This is the question I really don't get paid to think about (this is the province of much more powerful people), but I think about it nonetheless. I have ideas.

BTW: I stumbled on this site: http://www.officeletter.com

I like the site because its aims are simple: let people share solutions to simple problems or issues, without polemic. BTW: this is how Woody started out until he torched nearly every bridge he has in Redmond. I'm not a fan of Woody, as my regular readers know. But, as far as I know, he's chillin' on some continent and laughing all the way to the bank. Nonetheless, his objectivity has been profoundly compromised. He and his work have become unconsciously ironic.

 Rock Thought for the Day: I was at Safeway and heard a song from the band for which I was the soundman playing over the speaker system. Brought back a lot of memories. It was R&B-style music (unlike the heavy rock/metal that I prefer), but it was a great learning time. Lots and lots of one-night shows at many smoky clubs. Set up in the morning, practice all day, sound-check at 8pm, start playing at 9pm. End at 1am, tear down and pack up. Back on the road to arrive at the next town by the morning. We did this for countless consecutive days. Very exhausting. The rock and roll lifestyle (minus the drugs, drinking, and lasciviousness).

Rock On