Well, I'm on vacation, and I am trying to not do much on the computer. I just finished driving 2,100 miles with my 5 sons in the car- no DVD player. Say no more. Anyway, we are having a blast. I just wanted to update my blog a time or two before I head back from Minnesota.

Offize Zealot kingpin, Chris Kunicki, interviewed me in another podCast. You can hear about the Outlook support in VSTO 2005 along with other fun info.

 Rock Thought for the Day: I have wanted to review Godsmack's 2004 album, "The Other Side". How heavy can you sound on an acoustic album? Almost heavier than heaven, and this album proves it. These songs are deeply melodic, but not melodramatic. I would like to hear the same tracks live fully plugged in. It would be a great show by anyone's measure.

Rock On