Alright- today is my first day back from family leave. I have been away from work for a whole month hanging with my five sons, and I just let my blog, my inbox, my thoughts about what things I left in the refrigerator at work, and just about everything else go. It was great. Now, I am officially back in the office, and my blog entries will be daily once again.

To kick it off, I'll blog about a new Office Zealot podCast featuring an interview with Brian Jones- brain trust of the new Office 12 file format. He's a great guy, and he's very smart. This is a must-hear podCast thanks to Office Zealot kingpin, Chris Kunicki.

 Rock Thought for the Day: Celtic Frost- There is a re-issue of their proto death-metal album "Morbid Tales". The melodrama of these names is amusing. The spontaneity of their garage-band pedigree comes through. The chords are crunched salvage-yard style, and anything else is frayed by the end of the every song. I'm not sure if these guys could get through a track without replacing their entire set of strings and drum heads.

Rock On