It is common for companies to have loads and loads of documents stored up. It is equally common for documents to contain hyperlinks. But, as we all know, hyperlinks change about as quickly as Courtney Hole's excuses for drug possession. So, you end up with documents whose links are bogus, and it creates confusion in your company. I started creating a little add-in that goes through the links in a document and checks them out. It also lets you change ones that are bad via a little winform UI. I plan to still finish it, but I found out about a nifty app that may do some of the same things.

Link Fixer Plus:

So, I had surgery last week to remove my first rib on the left side (front to back). I am now officially very, very sore. Sore.

I asked the docs if I could keep the removed rib. They said I couldn't because it is a "bio hazard". Uh...didn't it just come out of my chest after serving me faithfully for most of my life? I more toxic than I knew!

 Rock Thought for the Day: I picked up MOJO magzine because it had a full feature about John Bonham, drummer for Led Zep. I was hoping to read through it, but I was too hazy in the hospital. Hopefully, I'll get to it today. Looks like the next issue is about the Ramones. It's about time!

Rock On