Before becoming a Program Manager for Visual Studio Tools for Office I was the site manager for the MSDN Office Developer Center. That meant that any developer content that was Microsoft Office branded went through my inbox before it went live. Fortunately, I had a truly amazing team of people working with me, and it was very satisfying work.

My former manager and all-around excellent human being, Jean-Philippe Bagel, has a new opening on his team for a manager who is passionate about the documentation and samples for Word, Office XML, and more. I highly recommend Jean-Philippe, the group, and they type of work involved. Submit your resume and take your influence worldwide in this role.

 Rock Thought for the Day: I listened to Audioslave’s “Gasoline” twice yesterday. The main riff is fuel-injected, and the rhythm section is a 1000 horsepower inline 12. If you can handle this kind of muscle, turn it way up (to 11). Put your foot to the boards, and gimme some gasoline!

Rock On