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Want to be my co-worker?

Want to be my co-worker?

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Yeah, you could have an office just a couple of doors down from me, and that could be a good thing. Depends on whether you want to help realize the vision of Office as a development platform and want your work integrated into every one of the hundreds of millions of desktops that have Office installed.

It also depends on whether you mind hearing a little of my rock and roll bleeding through the walls between 6:30am and 10 (most people start arriving at 10, so I turn things down).

If you answered “YES!” to these questions then the VSTO and VSTA team at Microsoft (Redmond, Washington) is the place for you. The VSTO and VSTA team has openings and is looking for talent.  

For more information, see a complete listing of open jobs here.

To submit your resume, use this contact form:

 Rock Thought for the Day: I will blog about H.I.M tomorrow. But, today is all about the Foo Fighters and In Your Honor. This is simply put, one of the best rock albums ever  made. That's easy to say (and is said far too often), but it is oh so very difficult to produce that sort of album. The Foo Fighters have done it. This is an album that will still be moving units 30 years from now like Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. It's a masterpiece although not a concept album per se. The first disc is truly perfect corn-fed rock and roll. The riffs, the licks, the chord progressions- they all stand on their own as truly superbe music making in any genre. The lyrics are well done, better than most rock lyrics, and they did reach my soul. But, it is the second disc whose lyrics, melodies, and instrumentation worked their way right into and through my soul, giving me a true looking-glass of my own thoughts and feelings. Amazing. I cannot recommend this album more eagerly. Wondering if stratospheric rock albums still are made? Tempted to think, "They don't make 'em like they used to." then this will sweep the doubts away.

Rock truly On

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