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August, 2006

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This blog is the main "pulpit" for Microsoft's Office Developer technologies-- although the opinions and views expressed are the author's own. John frequently writes about technical details, tools, and features that developers care about when building productivity solutions. He also adds the very popular "Rock Thought of the Day" to each post.

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    Assemblies and Public Key Tokens

    I'm working on a SharePoint v3 workflow project using the out-of-the-box (OOB) techniques. In order to install the workflow, you need to know the public key token for the signed assembly that you add to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). To get this, I...
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    First Look at Windows Vista Part 2

    Alright, so my upgrade went well. That's cool. Here are random likes and dislikes: Start Menu I like the new start menu. I usually install a TON of applications. The old Windows XP style start menu would cascade out across my screen and then back again...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    First Look at Windows Vista

    Well, I am back to blogging after emerging from a vortex here at work over the past five months. Read more about it (and cats) in this post on my personal blog . Recently, my skip-level manager asked every program manager (PM) in my group to install Windows...
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