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February, 2010

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This blog is the main "pulpit" for Microsoft's Office Developer technologies-- although the opinions and views expressed are the author's own. John frequently writes about technical details, tools, and features that developers care about when building productivity solutions. He also adds the very popular "Rock Thought of the Day" to each post.

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    Excel Open XML & LINQ Part I

    In the next few posts I'll roll out a little project for Excel that uses Open XML and LINQ. The scenario for this little Office solution has to do with my massive collection of music. I've collected over 1000 albums of music both from CDs and from purchases...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    Outlook and LinkedIn

    Many of you have heard that we announced the Outlook Social Connector back at PDC 2009. The connector works as part of Outlook 2010, 2007, and even 2003, and it allows you to surface activity from your social media networks right inside of Outlook. With...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    Office Developer Atlas Released

    The Office Developer Atlas interactive training tool (built using Silverlight technology) is a great way for you to come up to speed on what developing productivity solutions with Office is all about. We've called it an atlas because it's designed to...
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