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  • Blog Post: Microsoft DevDays 2010 Day 2

    I delivered a session today that describes what's new in Office 2010 for solution developers. It's a session that I have evolved over the past year. My core demos have also evolved, and I'm pleased with the impact they make. The session was well attended, and I was pleased to see plenty of enthusiasm...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Office Developer Sessions from SharePoint Conference 2009 Now Live

    Readers of the blog know that SharePoint Conference 2009 had some pretty memorable highlights . Now, we're excited to announce that five key Office developer sessions are now freely viewable online. Here's the list of sessions: What's New in Office 2010 for Developers:
  • Blog Post: Office Developer Atlas Released

    The Office Developer Atlas interactive training tool (built using Silverlight technology) is a great way for you to come up to speed on what developing productivity solutions with Office is all about. We've called it an atlas because it's designed to give you a series of training segments that help you...
  • Blog Post: Adding Event Code to Microsoft Office Backstage View Customizations

    In my last post , I introduced the basic recipe of how to customize the Microsoft Office Backstage view. I showed how to set up the XML and where to place it. Now, we'll take a look at how to add event code so that when a user interacts with your custom layout in the Backstage view, custom code fires...
  • Blog Post: Customizing the Backstage view and Ribbon UI in Office 2010

    One of the presentations I delivered at SPC 2009 was the title of this blog post. Don't worry—I'll be posting the video when it becomes available. And, we've got some MSDN content coming out before RTM that will show you the details around programming the Microsoft Office 2010 Backstage view and the...
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