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  • Blog Post: Open XML at TechEd 2010

    Open XML was a big part of my first session at TechEd 2010 called, "Office 2010: Developing the Next Wave of Productivity Solutions". The thing that gets the biggest reaction is the Open XML SDK 2.0 "Productivity Tool"-- especially the ability to reflect over an Office document to produce C# code that...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft DevDays 2010 Day #3 with Open XML

    I've been running at a fast pace for the past few days, so I'm going to add a few posts here to catch up. Day 3 of the DevDays event in the Netherlands was a success. I delivered a session on "Open XML Solution Building With Word and Excel Services". Huge thanks to Zeyad Rajabi for pulling together some...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft DevDays 2010 Day 2

    I delivered a session today that describes what's new in Office 2010 for solution developers. It's a session that I have evolved over the past year. My core demos have also evolved, and I'm pleased with the impact they make. The session was well attended, and I was pleased to see plenty of enthusiasm...
  • Blog Post: Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office Is Live

    I speak with customers every day about the productivity solutions they build using Microsoft Office. Rarely now do my conversations not include a discussion of Open XML. This is because it is such a powerful way to work with Office documents as a data source . Basically, developers can shuttle data in...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Office Developer Sessions from SharePoint Conference 2009 Now Live

    Readers of the blog know that SharePoint Conference 2009 had some pretty memorable highlights . Now, we're excited to announce that five key Office developer sessions are now freely viewable online. Here's the list of sessions: What's New in Office 2010 for Developers:
  • Blog Post: Excel Open XML & LINQ Part I

    In the next few posts I'll roll out a little project for Excel that uses Open XML and LINQ. The scenario for this little Office solution has to do with my massive collection of music. I've collected over 1000 albums of music both from CDs and from purchases online. [ SideNote: Purchasing music legally...
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