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  • Blog Post: The Expected Exception

    Just wanted to write a quick post on the idea of a an "Expected Exception" that can sometimes arise in PowerShell. Take the code below, which simply checks to see if a given SPSite exists on a certain URL: #Checks if Site Exists - return (true|false) function CheckSiteExists ( $url ) { $site = Get...
  • Blog Post: Breaking down Get-SPContentDeploymentPath

    I've been using Get-SPContentDeploymentPath to do some validation on the content deployment paths I'm creating. However, there seems to be some discrepancies between the members printed to the screen and the actual members contained within the object. Below, I've stored the return object from Get-SPContentDeploymentPath...
  • Blog Post: Uninitialized property cannot be unboxed

    I’m calling the New-SPContentDeploymentJob cmdlet and am using the –EmailAddresses parameter. The value I pass to the parameter is ‘test@test.com’, and I get the below error: Get-Help says that the parameter takes type String[], but I get the same error even after casting...
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