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July, 2006

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About Adventures in Server Land

My name is Jason Olson and I am a Technical Evangelist working with the core services in Longhorn Server. I am a member of the Developer and Platform Evangelism team and, well, I'm a geek. I like being a geek, I like geeky things, I like technology. Yup, I'm a geek.

My personal blog can be found at Everything from this blog will be cross-posted there in the future, so if you wish to have the "blow by blow" account of it all (including personal posts), feel free to subscribe to that blog instead.

  • For The Developers!

    Read-Only Domain Controller and Server Core

    All this week, I've been at an internal Microsoft conference. Today, I attended a session that definitely got me excited. The session was given by a Product Manager on the Directory Services team. The topic covered the new Directory Services features...
  • For The Developers!

    The one where dogfooding almost ruined my weekend

    [The usual disclaimer about my opinions not reflecting the opinions of my employer apply here] At times, this was a very frustrating weekend. The biggest contributor to that frustration was a set of directions I got. You see, I was traveling from the...
  • For The Developers!

    The Learning Curve

    Since I said I was going to talk about my adventures in server land, I might as well get started, right? Let's start from the beginning. While I've certainly had server-side programming experience, I've come to realize that my programming experiences...
  • For The Developers!

    Core Services?

    So, what are we talking about when we say "Core Services" in Longhorn Server? These are the features that are core to the operating system and are not necessarily development frameworks themselves. The best way to explain is perhaps by example. Some...
  • For The Developers!

    A Sailor's Life For Me

    Welcome to my new blog. My name is Jason Olson and I am a Technical Evangelist working with the core services in Longhorn Server. Before joining Microsoft, I was blogging at (howdy all y'all) along with my personal blog site...
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