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April, 2008

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About Adventures in Server Land

My name is Jason Olson and I am a Technical Evangelist working with the core services in Longhorn Server. I am a member of the Developer and Platform Evangelism team and, well, I'm a geek. I like being a geek, I like geeky things, I like technology. Yup, I'm a geek.

My personal blog can be found at Everything from this blog will be cross-posted there in the future, so if you wish to have the "blow by blow" account of it all (including personal posts), feel free to subscribe to that blog instead.

  • For The Developers!

    Windows Server 2008 App Compat Labs Released

    The first four labs in a series of Windows Server 2008 Application Compatibility labs have been released on MSDN. You can find them as follows: - MSDN Virtual Lab: Windows Server 2008 - Access Rights, Impersonation - MSDN Virtual Lab: Windows Server 2008...
  • For The Developers!

    TxF Managed Wrapper on Code Gallery

    Hello, everybody, I have released the first version of a rudimentary managed wrapper around Transactional NTFS to Code Gallery on MSDN: . The wrapper in its current form is very basic but should give developers...
  • For The Developers!

    Ray Ozzie and Live Mesh on Channel 9

    Ray Ozzie has now made his Channel 9 debut, folks. In this video , being interviewed by Jon Udell, Ray discusses Live Mesh. From the Channel 9 description: In his first Channel9 interview, Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's Chief Software Architect sits down with...
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