Update: Targetting 1.1 .NET Framework with MSBuild

Update: Targetting 1.1 .NET Framework with MSBuild

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A while back I post a sample that shows you how to target the 1.1 framework with MSBuild.

Now, another team within Microsoft is working on turning it into a more polished add-on for VS 2005:


I've chatted with many of you on my blog and I think I know some of your top requests for such product: Make it work with Express versions of VS; make it work for VB .NET; make COM references work; do some hard-core testing on it :)

If you’ve used these targets and wished they did something a little differently let me know on this blog.

Have you seen a bug? I’d love to hear about those too so we can be sure to get them fixed.

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  • I try your script with a project and it failed to build with the following error.

    Error 1 "resgen.exe" exited with code

    Any idea to make it work

    Get back to me so that i can provide you the project.

  • How can MSBuild be used to create an automated build solution with ASP.net 2.0 without the requirement of a virtual directory. I also want (1) assembly using the bin folder like .Net 1.1.

    There are AspNetCompiler.exe and ILMerge utilities. What are the plans for MSBuild to support this?
  • In VS2005 I am using the System.Transaction namespace to create a dll, which is not there is 1.1 when I try to target it for 1.1 using MSBuild CSharp Targets I am getting the folowing error
    "Metatdata file 'c:\Windows\assembly\GAC_32\System.Transactions\\System.Transactions.dll' could not be opend -- 'Version 2.0 is not a compatible version.'"

    How this can be solved???
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