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    F# Scripts--Zero to Execute in Ten Seconds

    Jomo Fisher--F# is about conciseness. Consider the interview question that asks you to reverse a singly-linked-list. I’ve been asked this question twice in interviews and even the cleanest implementation in the interviewer’s chosen language was long and...
  • Sharp Things

    Update on Fast Switching with LINQ

    Jomo Fisher—A while back I wrote about using LINQ to get close-to-the-metal performance in a particular string lookup case in C#. Here, Gustavo Guerra has expanded on the idea significantly with a class he calls StaticStringDicitionary . I haven’t tried...
  • Sharp Things

    F# Community Technology Preview

    Jomo Fisher—The F# team has been working furiously on the upcoming release of F# these last weeks. We’ll have some cool stuff to show you soon. Stay tuned.   This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
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